Agronomy Products & Services  02/01/22 2:09:13 PM

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  • Agronomy Consultations
  • Liquid & Dry Fertilizers
  • Crop Protection Products
  • Custom Application & Spraying
  • Delivery of Dry and Liquid Products
  • Anhydrous Applications 
  • Precision Ag (Hutch Insight)
  • Seed treating
  • Soil Sampling
  • Tissue Sampling


Anhydrous Ammonia applied with a Toolbar.   
 Our fleet of floaters allows us to get to your fields faster.


   Our tender trucks can deliver fertilizer to your                  
gravity flow bins, self spreaders, as well as our floaters.            

Seed brands we offer:
DEKALB Brand Corn | A History of Success. A Future of PerformanceNK Seed | Certified Agriculture Dealerships

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